Share Buy Sell Calculator (सेयर संख्या अनुसार)

Transaction Type
(लेनदेन को प्रकार)
Investor Type
(लगानीकर्ता को किसिम)
Sell Price
( बिक्री मुल्य )
Buy Price
( खरिद मुल्य )
Share Quantity
( सेयर संख्या )

Amount to be paid (तिर्नु पर्ने रकम): 0
Amount to be Received (पाउनु पर्ने रकम): 0

Share Calculator Output Data

Share Buy Calculator (जम्मा रकम अनुसार)

Total Amount
(जम्मा रकम)
Buy Price
(खरिद मुल्य)
Number of Share (किन्न मिल्ने सेयर कित्ता संख्या): 0

Calculation of Share Buy Calculator

Total amount used 0
Number of share 0
Remaining Amount 0

Note: All the calculation is done including all the commissions and other fees.

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