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Share Buy Sell Calculator (सेयर संख्या अनुसार)

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Share Buy Calculator (जम्मा रकम अनुसार)

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Number of Share (किन्न मिल्ने सेयर कित्ता संख्या)


Calculation of Share Buy Calculator

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Note: All the calculation is done including all the commissions and other fees.


How to buy and sell a share online from a secondary market in Nepal?

To buy or sell a share, the user should have a Demat account (dematerialized account), Mero share account, and NEPSE TMS username and password.

Demat account (dematerialized account) can open from bank, capital, or broker office by submitting citizenship, passport size photo, pan number, and application form with an authorized signature.

Demat number and CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number) are provided to the customer, which is used for IPO (Initial Public Offering). The Demat account number is necessary to open a broker/trading account for buy and sell in the secondary market.

Mero share account can open from the bank as well as broker office. To open an account Demat number is necessary. Mero share user name and password is provided, the user sets the pin.

NEPSE TMS username and password are provided from NEPSE for online buy and sell a share in the secondary market. Link is delivered to the customer through email, then the online buy and sell NEPSE TMS interface is open through the link sent from NEPSE ([email protected])

OR, search [email protected] in email search, and you can get it.

OR, Go to and choose your broker and login with username and password mailed from NEPSE ([email protected])

Don't forget to use the share calculator before buy and sell the share for detailed calculation.

How to calculate the return on investment percentage of shares in Nepal?

Share Calculator can calculate the percentage of return on investment quickly.

The user requires to submit some necessary values like share quantity, buy price, and sell price. After that, by clicking Calculate button, users will get the return on investment percentage of that particular share.

All stocks/shares should be listed on the NEPSE index of Nepal.

Why should investors or traders use a share calculator?

Investors or traders use a Share Calculator because pump and dump may happen. The rumors may connect with the market that exploits people's normal psychological reactions, but the “pump and dump” is illegal.

Small groups of individuals buy stock in a misinformed way. Then when its price rises, they sell it at a profit. The method works best in bull markets when people are most sensitive to greed. It is also most powerful when used on the small traded share with few buyers.

Do better calculations before taking any decision before buy and sell the stock in Nepal online. Just use Share Calculator and get the best analysis of when to sell it and return on investment.

What is the capital gain tax on shares?

The Capital gain is the profits that an investor or trader earns when the investor sells the share for a higher price than the buy price.

Capital gains taxes are only initiated when a share investment gain profit.
Capital gain tax is not applied until the share is sold out with having profit on investment.

The variation between the buy price and the selling price of the share is capital gain if the buy price is lesser than the selling price.

Capital gain is calculated by given below method:
Sell amount - buy amount = capital gain amount

The capital gain tax is allowed only if the investor or trader gains some profit. No tax is paid if the investment does not gain any profit.

How much tax do I pay when I sell shares?

The capital gain tax on the profit from the shares listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange NEPSE for the individual is 5%.

The capital gain tax on the profit earned from the shares listed in the NEPSE for an institutional investor or other than an individual should pay 10%.

In the case of shares that are not listed on the stock exchange, the tax rate is different than the listed shares; 10% capital gain tax is charged for individuals and 15% for the institutional or non-individual.

How to calculate investment return?

Investing in the share is one of the investing options at any age of the lifetime. Starting to invest in early life is an excellent decision to a better return on investment for the future. Nepal stock exchange is only the stock exchange possibility in Nepal for the stock investor.

Compared to the other stock exchange worldwide with the Nepal stock exchange, it is minimal because fewer companies are listed in Nepse. The earning possibility in Nepal is a tremendous change because the market is growing, and many other firms also on the way of listing in Nepse.

If investors gain after selling the shares, buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price gives some return on the investment. Usually, return on investment is denoted in percentage (%). It may be a positive return or a negative return on investment.

If an investor or trader loses a trade, it means a negative return, and every investor wants to know how much they did have lost. Without tracking the money flow in and out, no one becomes a successful investor, so that many people track down their return on the investment.

The formula to calculate return on investment (Return - Investment) provides profit if the return is more and loss if the investment is more Then, divide the profit or loss by investment and multiply by 100%; the result is the return on investment.

For example,

Ram bought 100 shares with the buying price of 200 each and sold out at the cost of 300, and it gives a 50% return on the investment calculated for RS 20000.

0.5*100%= 50% return on the investment of RS 20000

He gains RS 10000 from RS 20000, and total money increases to RS 30000


Ramesh bought 100 shares with the buying price of 200 each and sold out at the cost of 100, and it gives a negative 50% return on the investment which is calculated for RS 20000.

10000-20000= -10000
-10000/20000= -0.5
-0.5*100%= -50% return on the investment of RS 20000

But, he lost Rs 10000 from RS 20000, total money remains RS 10000

Using the above share calculator tool automatically calculates the return on your investment. So you can use the above calculator for the best result.

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