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(लेनदेन को प्रकार)
Investor Type
(लगानीकर्ता को किसिम)
Share Quantity
( सेयर संख्या )
Buy Price
( खरिद मुल्य )
Sell Price
( बिक्री मुल्य )

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Share Calculator Output Data

How to calculate my shares online by using Share Calculator?

This Share Calculator Nepal is very easy to use and gives understandable results after calculation.
Share should be listed in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) of Nepal.
Using this online Share Calculator tool, users can get the results of the Payment amount, Receivable amount, Return on investment, and Break-even price of the share / Price per share. It also displays the NEPSE commission, capital gain tax, DP Charege, Sebon fee, and several other charges in Nepalese rupee (Rs).

These are some input values need to be submitted by the user,
• Share Quantity .
• Buy Price / Perchase Price.
• Selling Price .
• Investor type if the user wants to sell.
(Important for capital gain tax calculation)

Then, click Calculate button and user get these results, like
• Total amount before any charges.
• DP charge.
• Sebon fee.
• Nepse commission.
• Price per share.
• Actual amount have to pay.
• Actual amount to receive.
• Capital gain tax for the seller only.
• Profit or loss statement.
• Return on investment.

How to calculate return on investment percentage of share in Nepal ?

Share Calculator can calculate the percentage of return on investment easily. For that, the user needs to submit some necessary values like share quantity, buy price, and sell price. After that, clicking Calculate button users will get the return on investment percentage of that particular share.
All stocks/shares should be listed on NEPSE index of Nepal.